Photo of Mike with special needs class

All Ages Classes

Special Needs Striking Classes

Our Special Needs Muay Thai program is for kids and adults with disabilities. Our motto in this program and “Do the best of your abilities!” Most lessons in this class are very basic and more conditioning based. This is a great class for students to truly find out what they can accomplish opposed to what they can’t. One does not truly understand their ability until they try.

Adult, Teen, Youth Sparring Classes

Competitive members have the opportunity to put all of their training and technique to the test against their fellow training partners at Nomad Striking Academy in the form of sparring. During sparring everyone MUST wear the proper equipment which includes 16oz Gloves, approved headgear, mouth guard, Shin guards, and last but certainly not least a jock or jill. Nomad Striking Academy members that are new looking to enter competition in the future will be assessed on skill, control, health and technical level before taking part in sparring.

Open Gym

Pretty self-explanatory! Come in and free train. This time is a great time to partner up with a friend and work on that one technique that you just can’t seem to get!

Personal Training

To book a personal training session click on the contact tab to check our availability. Classes will be formatted according to the students experience level. Classes will consist of conditioning drills along with basic technique. Class times are typically 1 hour in length.

Please contact us to receive a copy of our current schedule.