Teens Striking Classes

Teen Striking Classes Ages 13-17

New to our programs is our teen programs. Our Teen Striking programs will build off of the foundation gained in our Youth Striking programs. Graduates of this program can enter our Adult Striking programs.

Our class structure is as follows. We begin class with a light warm up for mobility. Next in the technique portion of class we work shadowboxing, basic techniques with partners, on the heavy bag, on the focus mitts as well as on the thai pads. We also work slow technical drills building our offensive and defensive skill set. We end our classes with a light cool down exercise.

Teen Striking Competition Team Classes Ages 13-17

Much like our adult competition class, there is a process to follow and a standard to meet. Teens can apply to be part of our competition team if that is there goal. Teens interested in competition start by becoming comfortable sparring. We then assess our students to see if they’re ready for exhibition competition. After an exhibition competition we continue to assess our students and provide opportunity for growth in steps. Our number one responsibility as fighters is to protect ourselves at all times and it is our job as coaches to ensure our fighters safety and wellbeing.

Please contact us to receive a copy of our current schedule.