Children in Muay Thai gym posing or picture.

Youth Striking Classes

Youth Striking Classes 7-12 Years Old

Our Youth Striking classes are formatted very similar to our Beginner Muay Thai classes curriculum and cover lessons from white, yellow and orange shorts. During class, kids will partner up or work solo to practice various techniques/conditioning drills. We teach conditioning geared towards Muay Thai at the beginning and end of classes. Some of the kids in this program have the opportunity to compete and invited to our competition team if that is their goal. Kids will learn respect, discipline, gain confidence, self defense, teamwork skills, courage, patience, leadership skills and of course the great sport of Muay Thai. Martial arts isn’t all about fighting, it’s about building character.

Youth Striking Competition Team Classes Ages 7-12

Much like our adult competition class, there is a process to follow and a standard to meet. Youth can apply to be part of our competition team if that is there goal. Youth interested in competition start by becoming comfortable sparring. We then assess our students to see if they’re ready for exhibition competition. After an exhibition competition we continue to assess our students and provide opportunity for growth in steps. Our number one responsibility as fighters is to protect ourselves at all times and it is our job as coaches to ensure our fighters safety and wellbeing.

Please contact us to receive a copy of our current schedule.


Nomad is like one big family! The atmosphere is amazing, everyone is so supportive and encouraging. Kru Mike is one of the most dedicated individuals of his craft. Mike helps you learn by relating what he's teaching you to something you will understand. My son is 11 and has been apart of Nomad since he was 4. Nomad has helped my son gain confidence, self-discipline and a sense of pride in his accomplishments. This is he GREATEST place on earth. Join today and give it a try ❤

- Melissa

In terms of a physical and mental workout, no sport or class I’ve done compares to Nomad. Kru Mike is very dedicated to his craft - which is why he’s a Muay Thai champion and a fantastic teacher / motivator. I’m really happy with what I’ve learned in 3 months since starting, and humbled / excited about how much further there is to go. Regardless of age or current shape, it’s definitely worth attending a class and seeing for yourself what it’s like.

- Paul

Trying something new can be difficult, but here Mike ensures that the only barrier to entrance is showing up. Wether you are; preparing to compete in the sport, wanting to practice self defense, or just pick up a new healthy hobby, you will have no problem finding a spot for yourself here. He is a professional and experienced fighter that prioritizes inclusion, respect, and individualized self-improvement. This gym tackles building a community first, and a proper environment to learn, that allow everything else to come easily. Take a trial class, and wont take long to notice!

- Waun

Great place to start your Muay Thai journey. Mike is a professional and super friendly instructor. Non-intimidating and super fun workouts. You feel a sense of community at this gym. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Bakhtawar

Best Martial Arts Club! Mike is extremely nice and hospitable the place feels like a family. Don't hesitate you will learn and sweat lots.

- Kathir

Extremely friendly and supportive group of people. Mike really goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone is learning proper technique, getting a good workout, and having fun.

- Patrick

Best Muay Thai club in town, great atmosphere and great instructor, if you looking for a class to get fit and learn something new, this is the place to come.

- Alexander

Went for a trial class and loved it - clear instruction, help with technique, and a very welcoming environment. Hope to be back soon!

- Jennifer