Kids lined up during youth class

Youth Striking Classes

Youth Striking Classes 7-12 Years Old

Our Youth Striking classes are formatted very similar to our Beginner Muay Thai classes curriculum and cover lessons from white, yellow and orange shorts. During class, kids will partner up or work solo to practice various techniques/conditioning drills. We teach conditioning geared towards Muay Thai at the beginning and end of classes. Some of the kids in this program have the opportunity to compete and invited to our competition team if that is their goal. Kids will learn respect, discipline, gain confidence, self defense, teamwork skills, courage, patience, leadership skills and of course the great sport of Muay Thai. Martial arts isn’t all about fighting, it’s about building character.

Youth Striking Competition Team Classes Ages 7-12

Much like our adult competition class, there is a process to follow and a standard to meet. Youth can apply to be part of our competition team if that is there goal. Youth interested in competition start by becoming comfortable sparring. We then assess our students to see if they’re ready for exhibition competition. After an exhibition competition we continue to assess our students and provide opportunity for growth in steps. Our number one responsibility as fighters is to protect ourselves at all times and it is our job as coaches to ensure our fighters safety and wellbeing.

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